Discover episodes 6 & 7 of The Three Bells – a GCDN podcast

Aug 2021

Discover the latest episodes of The Three Bells – a podcast about culture in its urban context produced by AEA Consulting and the Binnacle Foundation for the Global Cultural Districts Network.

Episode 7: Enabling impact through cultural research
In this episode, Adrian Ellis speaks with Sunil Iyengar, about the increasing global demand for research, information and statistics to demonstrate the value of the arts. They also discuss the need for more longitudinal and qualitative research, especially community-based participatory studies. Thereafter, Adrian is joined by Criena Gehrke to discuss key takeaways.

Episode 6: Embedding hope through creative placemaking
In this episode, Stephanie Fortunato speaks with Jia-Ping Lee, about her inspirational journey as a placemaker who has been advocating and creating better places to live, work and play. Thereafter, Stephanie is joined by Adrian Ellis to discuss key takeaways.

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