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After Dark: Advice from the Night Mayor of Amsterdam

05/24/2016, 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam.

Cities worldwide face increasing challenges around night time economies, such as alcohol-related problems, violence, noise complaints, and more. Some cities, like Amsterdam, have implemented “night mayors,” – representatives of those industries which thrive at night (bars, night clubs, etc.) – to find innovative ways of dealing with these issues, including implementing staggered opening and closing hours of bars, adding ambassadors to help with crowd control after closing, and other inventive ideas. Mirik Milan, the official Night Mayor of Amsterdam, explained the success of some of these initiatives in Amsterdam and shared how these can be implemented elsewhere.


  • Jessica Ferey, Deputy Director, Global Cultural Districts Network, AEA Consulting
  • Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam, City of Amsterdam