Balboa Park Cultural Partnership/California Cultural Districts Coalition

San Diego, CA


Balboa Park tells the stories of San Diego’s collective history. The beautiful, walkable campus is a rich cultural resource and the central hub for art, science, and history within the region. Its greatest strength lies in the sheer number of cultural organizations within it, reflecting a diversity of disciplines, and providing a variety of immersion opportunities for visitors.

The park’s 1,200 acres are home to more than 100 nonprofit and community organizations. Developed more than a century ago, this multifaceted area is known as a natural and cultural destination, with lush gardens and iconic architecture. The park hosts 17 museums, numerous performing arts venues and organizations, 65 miles of hiking trails, a public golf course, and the San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park draws more than 14 million residents and tourists each year.


For the California Cultural Districts Coalition: Unifying California's Cultural Districts to advance advocacy and collaboration in arts and culture.

Reason for joining GCDN

Be engaged in research associated with Cultural Districts throughout the works and learn from other districts.

Disseminate information to the network of 14 pilot cultural Districts in California.


Peter Comiskey

Executive Director, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership


Created: 1915
Joined GCDN: 2019

District Size

1200 acres


California, USA


Retail, Library, Festivals, Office space, Ballet, Dance spaces, Multipurpose spaces, Rehearsal spaces, Artist studios, Restaurants, Sculpture Park, Museums, Concert halls, Public Spaces, Music Venues, Public Plazas, Bars, Art Galleries, Theatres