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Barangaroo is place-making in progress, an evolution of exceptional infrastructure, design and architecture, public spaces, and experiences. Once fully complete with a new Metro station by 2024, more than half of Barangaroo will be dedicated public space encompassing a continuous Sydney Harbour promenade, expansive parklands, plazas and coves. Barangaroo will support a projected target of some 23,000 permanent jobs, provide a home to 3,500 residents.

Design excellence is a guiding principle for Barangaroo, as reflected in the buildings, landscape and public domain across the 22-hectare site.

Sustainability is a key element in the design and development of Barangaroo. Barangaroo is one of only 19 places worldwide, chosen to be part of the C40 Cities Climate Positive Development Program, as it works towards the goal of being Australia’s first climate positive precinct of its size.

The site of Barangaroo was part of the territory of the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, the Traditional Custodians of the Sydney city region. Local Eora women paddling their canoes to catch fish and collect shellfish made the first economic use of the Barangaroo area. The site is named after Barangaroo, who was a key figure in the local Aboriginal community at the time of European colonisation. Her legacy lives on in the cultural significance of Barangaroo, the place.

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority manages the development of Sydney’s western waterfront on behalf of the NSW Government, and is responsible for delivering high quality urban design, public spaces and sustainability. As part of this remit, the Authority oversees the delivery of public art, cultural activities and public programs within the precinct. Responses to the form, geography, the rich history and future of the Barangaroo site are integral to the design and delivery of the program.


Inspired by the stories of the past, we are creating an exceptional place by transforming the western edge of the city, building for the future, championing sustainable outcomes, engaging our communities and creating new experiences for people.

Reason for joining GCDN

Barangaroo launched a Public Art and Culture Plan in July 2015, which relates to 11 hectares of public domain and represents one of Australia’s largest suites of public art and cultural activity. The Plan outlines nine priority public art and cultural programs for delivery by 2020, including a series of cultural activities, Artistic Associate program and civic events.

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Richard Evans

Chair, Arts and Public Programs Panel

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Sandra Bender

Executive Director, Activation and Precinct Management


Created: 2015
Joined GCDN: 2015

District Size

22 hectares


Sydney, Australia


Restaurants, Bars, Public Spaces, Co-working spaces, Retail, Multipurpose spaces, Office space, Amenities, Festivals