Grand Center Arts District

St. Louis, MO


Grand Center Arts District is the landmark destination for arts and culture organisations, creative entrepreneurs and businesses in Saint Louis and the Midwest.

The district, located in midtown St. Louis, is home to more than 60 arts organisations including world-class institutions and a growing list of small, homegrown entities, as well as the region’s independent media industry, 8,000 full-time employees, and 2,300 residents.

When the district was established by civic leaders in 1980, the area was experiencing rapid decline, along with much of the city. Historically, Grand Boulevard had been an important entertainment district, with seven major theatre and vaudeville buildings during its heyday in the early 1900s. Given the heritage and architecture of the Grand Center neighbourhood, leaders launched a redevelopment effort to re-establish Grand Center as a cultural centre for the region.

Grand Center Arts District is managed by Grand Center Inc., whose mission is to enhance and enrich the area and its partner institutions, and to increase the economic and cultural strength of the community. Since its founding in 1980, Grand Center Inc. has played a vital role in developing performing and visual arts venues; redeveloping historic buildings; attracting a diverse group of arts, education, public media, and commercial businesses to the district; enhancing the district’s parks and public spaces; and leading a coordinated marketing and placemaking program for Grand Center Arts District.

Today, Grand Center Arts District is home to an extensive range of arts and performance venues including the Fox Theatre, Powell Symphony Hall (home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra), the Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis, the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, the Sheldon Concert Hall and Galleries, Jazz St. Louis, the International Photography Hall of Fame, Craft Alliance, and the Kranzberg Arts Foundation’s four facilities (the Kranzberg Arts Center, the Marcelle Theatre, the .ZACK, and the Grandel Theatre). It also claims a cinema, a bowling alley and offers a diverse range of residential options.

The district is the centre of independent media in St. Louis, with offices and broadcast facilities for the Nine Network (PBS), St. Louis Public Radio (NPR), and KDHX Independent Radio, a community radio station. In addition to arts and culture offerings, it currently hosts 22 restaurants and bars and a handful of small retail shops. There are two boutique hotels, the Ignacio Hotel, and a second, the recently opened Angad Arts Hotel, which occupies the last of the major historic structures to be renovated in the core of the district.


To preserve, promote and advance Grand Center Arts District to enhance and enrich our partner institutions, neighbourhood and region and to increase the economic and cultural strength of our community.

Reason for joining GCDN

GCDN is one of the best places to connect with peers doing the vital work of building districts that celebrate arts and culture. Grand Center joined to learn from other communities, share resources, and ensure that St. Louis’s Grand Center Arts District is recognized as a great cultural center.

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Karin Hagaman

President and CEO


Rich Simmons

Director of Operations


Created: 1980
Joined GCDN: 2014


St Louis, Missouri, USA


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