MiSK City


MiSK City is the defining destination of the new era.

Driven by innovation, shaped by frontier-technologies and digitally connected, it is where young aspiring minds meet, live, learn and progress.
Set in a unique geographic zone in Saudi Arabia, details of which will be revealed soon, MiSK City is designed as the center for culture, innovation and sustainable living.
Here, life thrives on a clean slate; every natural resource is treasured; every building block is designed with smart technology and exists in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Abounding in opportunities for the new generation, MiSK City celebrates the cultural renaissance of Saudi Arabia, delivering the vision of MiSK Foundation to empower young talents and push their creativity.

MiSK City fosters the spirit of collaboration and smart living through its vibrant plazas, cultural spaces, open parks , exhibition venues, creative zones, centers of excellence, retail hubs, upbeat cafes, museums, art studios, boutique offices, business incubator zones, culinary art institute, schools and universities, conference halls, events venues and more.

Carving an ecosystem for knowledge-driven growth and creative pursuits, MiSK City is where boundless thinking meets limitless creativity and futuristic tech adoption.
Here, shapers of tomorrow, from Saudi Arabia and globally, come together to imagine a new and better world.

MiSK City is an authentic place where people matter. A home for all who share the spirit of lively exploration.


Our mission is to create lively places, where people realize and unlock their fullest potential. Creative, tech-driven, digitally empowering, and collaborative, MiSK City connects and guides people in a borderless world of opportunities, where one’s mind sets the limit for innovation and creativity.

Reason for joining GCDN

We share the vision of the Global Cultural Districts Network to uplift the quality of modern living through the inspiring influence of art, culture and the creative industries. As a first and one-of-a-kind project that integrates cultural strengths with next-generation tech, MiSK City places people at the heart of its narrative.

Through GCDN, we aim to highlight the evolution of a brand-new destination in Saudi Arabia that celebrates culture, encourages creativity, and fosters innovation.