TO Live


TO Live is one of Canada’s largest multi-arts organizations, operating three iconic venues: Meridian Hall, the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts and Meridian Arts Centre. In addition, TO Live presents a full range of performing arts, theatrical and concert events at these venues in both downtown and uptown Toronto. With these two hubs of creativity and content creation, TO Live has a unique place and perspective to activate creative spaces by inspiring local and international artists, connect audiences and to be the nexus for new ideas, elevate artistic potential, and be the catalyst for creative expression that is reflective of Toronto’s diversity.
The St. Lawrence Centre has played an important role in the evolution of Toronto's cultural fabric. Constructed by the City of Toronto as a Canadian centennial project, the STLC opened its doors in February 1970. For 52 years the building has served performers and entertained visitors. Today, following the impacts of the global pandemic, a new cultural landscape is emerging, one that calls for a reimagining of the STLC, one that builds upon the renewed values and themes of equity, access and affordability and flexible spaces that will support the next generation of artists and audiences. The reimagined STLC will create a cultural ecosystem where renewed cultural spaces, innovative spaces and public realm will anchor the STLC as the cultural and civic hub in the heart of the downtown core.


TO Live believes that the arts are crucial to create healthy, vibrant, and engaged diverse communities. TO Live strives for excellence in everything that we do. We are stewards of landmark city theatres and activate our spaces through programming and rentals. We are a creative hub for audiences, artists, and all those who work with us.

Reason for joining GCDN

We are presently reimaging a cultural precinct and would like to join a network of likeminded peers. It will be extremely beneficial to share approaches from multi perspectives to advance our thinking around a new centre/ precinct and also general advocacy work with the City.


Leslie Lester

VP St. Lawrence Centre Redevelopment


Created: 1960
Joined GCDN: 2022