Member Charter

The Global Cultural Districts Network (GCDN) is a network of global centers of arts and culture that fosters cooperation and knowledge-sharing among those responsible for conceiving, funding, building, and operating cultural districts. It exists to offer support to the leadership of organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors that are responsible for planning and managing cultural districts, precincts and quarters or any areas with a significant concentration of cultural activities and organizations through convenings, research, and collaborations.

Arts and culture play an increasingly important role in ensuring the vitality of 21st century cities around the world. The Network helps connect leaders and visionaries of the arts and culture sectors to help shape the agenda and change the climate of opinion around the role of arts and culture in cities, at the institutional, neighborhood, local, national, and international levels.

Members are expected to:

  • Respond helpfully and collegially to other members’ requests for information and advice;
  • Ensure senior representation at convenings;
  • Treat with respect confidences that are shared by members in convenings and exchanges;
  • Adhere to the standards laid down in the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998) of the International Labour Organization (IL0).

Members receive the following benefits and services:

  • Invitation and registration fees waived for 2 representatives of the member organization to the annual convening and for 1 representative to the regional convening and other meetings, to share emerging best practices, hear expert panels, and discuss the place of cultural precincts and complexes in urban policy, economic development, and related areas of public policy such as travel and tourism;
  • Opportunities to establish strategic bilateral and multilateral partnerships for content, programming, skills training, and knowledge transfer;
  • Access to a members-only virtual forum for detailed sharing of information among members and discussion of opportunities and challenges online;
  • Access to members-only virtual roundtables and webinars;
  • Access to original research by AEA Consulting and others on topics of common interest such as programming, audience development, cultural tourism, professional development, effective models of governance, trends in technology and creative industries strategies, and more. Your concerns will inform and shape the developing research agenda;
  • Subscription to the Global Capital Projects Update, a weekly email digest of news regarding capital project developments in the cultural sector around the world;
  • Subscription to the GCDN Reading List, a bi-weekly email digest of articles relating to cultural districts, creative placemaking, arts in the urban context, and more. This email also features news about GCDN members;
  • Early access to the Cultural Infrastructure Index, an annual review of investment in capital projects in the cultural sector, identifying projects with a budget of US$10 million or more that were publicly announced or completed within a calendar year.