Carolien Gehrels

Carolien Gehrels
07/26/2017 katya

Carolien Gehrels

European Director for the Big Urban Clients program, ARCADIS
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Carolien Gehrels joined ARCADIS in 2014. She is the European Director for the Big Urban Clients program in Continental Europe and the city executive for Amsterdam/Rotterdam.

Carolien helps ARCADIS' local urban teams generate integrated and sustainable urban solutions that span across all of its business lines.

Carolien has a degree in the Dutch language from Groningen University, with a specialization in organizational communications.
She has served as a consultant for federal entities and municipalities for the management consultancy company Berenschot and as Director of Berenschot Communications. In that role, she led the international city marketing programs for Amsterdam and Maastricht and coined and promoted the “I Amsterdam” strategy that is still successful. She became an alderwoman and Deputy Mayor for the City of Amsterdam in 2006. Her portfolio extends across: economic affairs, art and culture, local media, participation, monuments, infrastructure and water, business, competition and purchasing