Angelita Teo

Angelita Teo

Director, National Museum of Singapore

Angelita is the Director of the National Museum of Singapore (NMS), a position she has held since 2013, as well as the head of the Festivals and Precinct Development division of Singapore’s National Heritage Board (NHB) since 2012.

Since becoming director, Angelita has been committed to reaching out to new audiences, whether through signature festivals, exhibitions that resonate with visitors, or quality regular programming. Her tenure has seen the organisation thrive – in her first year, she succeeded in welcoming over one million visitors to the NMS, a record for any museum in Singapore at the time. Between 2014 and 2015, she helmed the museum’s complete revamp of its permanent galleries, which reopened in September 2015.

Angelita is an experienced cultural administrator, and was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Bronze) at Singapore’s National Day Awards in 2014 in recognition for her exemplary performance and contributions towards the development of a vibrant cultural and heritage sector in Singapore. Her expertise and influence in the cultural sector has led her to be involved in several other projects, such as the management of the NHB’s Museum Roundtable unit since 2016, which aims to build and facilitate a stronger museum-going culture in Singapore, as well as the Retail and Merchandising unit since 2017.

On top of her position on the GCDN Advisory Board, Angelita is also the director of the annual Singapore Heritage Festival and the Singapore Night Festival, both of which she had a hand in starting, and which together reach out to over 2 million visitors each year.