Dr Whitney Duan

Dr Whitney Duan

Founder, Kaifeng Foundation/Genesis Holdings/Genesis Cultural Foundation

Dr Duan is the Founder of the Kaifeng Foundation and of Genesis Holdings, which she respectively launched in 2007 and 2012.

Holding a Ph.D. on Public Administration and an EMBA from Tsinghua University, Dr Duan created the Foundation with the vision of pursuing progress in humanity and social development. She is devoted to finding solutions through cutting edge research, policy alignment and cross-border collaboration.

The Foundation supports the research of leading scholars, seeks innovative solutions for China’s transformation from an economic powerhouse to a more harmonious and just society, and helps grow outstanding youth to become leaders. In 2012, Dr Duan founded Genesis Holdings, and later the Genesis Foundation, a social experiment aiming at reviving cities with human spirit and dedicated to design and build new urban public spaces that promote communication, collaborations and creative pursuits by offering diverse intellectual and cultural programs to its inhabitants and to the people of Beijing, inspiring people through sharing experiences and building a sense of community with shared values. It helps people examine human conditions through the lenses of arts, culture, music, and humanities.

On top of her position on the GCDN Advisory Board, Dr Duan is the Director of Tsinghua University Kaifeng Development Research Institute and member of the Advisory Committee on Strategic Development of Tsinghua University.