Welcoming Two New Members: Grimshaw (affiliate); and MiSK Foundation

Feb 2020

GCDN is delighted to present the two newest members to join our network: Grimshaw (affiliate); and MiSK Foundation.


Grimshaw‘s Arts and Culture group works across the arts spectrum and is committed to providing architecture and planning of the highest caliber, resolving both the ambitions of the client and the complexities of the site into architecture that is intimately connected to context and function.

Grimshaw is a place of ideas and invention, driven by a desire to connect people to each other and the world. The firms’ best projects are fit to purpose, reflections of their users and communities, created by a global community of architects, designers and thinkers.

Grimshaw recognizes the urgency of the challenges that face the planet, and its duty to deliver architecture and design best suited for a flourishing future.


Set in a singular geographic zone in Saudi Arabia, details of which will be revealed soon, MiSK Foundation is designed to become a center for culture, innovation and sustainable living.

Driven by innovation, shaped by frontier-technologies and digitally connected, it is where young aspiring minds will meet, live, learn and progress.

Abounding in opportunities for the new generation, MiSK Foundation celebrates the cultural renaissance of Saudi Arabia, delivering the vision of MiSK Foundation to empower young talents and push their creativity. Here, shapers of tomorrow, from Saudi Arabia and globally, will come together to imagine a new and better world.