Discover episodes 8 & 9 of The Three Bells – a GCDN podcast

Sep 2021

Discover the latest episodes of The Three Bells – a podcast about culture in its urban context produced by AEA Consulting and the Binnacle Foundation for the Global Cultural Districts Network.

Episode 9: Toward intercultural understanding and empathy
In this episode, Criena Gehrke speaks with Manal Ataya, the Director General of the Sharjah Museums authority. They discuss the educational value of the arts, particularly in terms of promoting inclusivity and diversity as well as cultivating empathy. After, Criena is joined by Stephanie Fortunato to discuss key takeaways.

Episode 8: Reimagining the future of theatre and live performance
In this episode, Adrian Ellis speaks with Jesse Cameron Alick, about his recently published study, commissioned by the Sundance Institute, based on extensive interviews of artists, arts administrators and thought leaders. The focus is the state of live performance as we ’emerge from the cave’ of Covid. After, Adrian is joined by Criena Gehrke to discuss key takeaways.

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