Welcoming a new GCDN member: Parcel 110

Oct 2021

GCDN is delighted to warmly welcome the newest member to join our network: Parcel 110

Parcel 110 is a hybrid organisation based in the Cayman Islands which operates an arts and entertainment centre from one of Grand Cayman’s original bank buildings in the heart of George Town. The facility includes gallery space, studios for independent artists and creative enterprise, co-creation space, classrooms, a multi-purpose theatre, and a recording studio. Along with co-located creative enterprises, Parcel 110 offers a variety of cultural programming and opportunities for artists.

Parcel 110 aims to directly support the local creative community by developing a physical space that fosters the growth of its members, their ideas and enterprises. Parcel 110 is rooted in the heart of downtown George Town and is a catalyst for holistic, inclusive, and creative regeneration of this community.