Discover episodes S2:E1 & S2:E2 of The Three Bells – a GCDN podcast

Feb 2022

Discover the latest episodes of The Three Bells – a podcast about culture in its urban context produced by AEA Consulting and the Binnacle Foundation for the Global Cultural Districts Network.

S2:E2 We Are Dallas Arts
Stephanie Fortunato speaks with Lily Cabatu Weiss, Executive Director of the Dallas Arts District. They talk about the importance of collaboration amongst cultural leaders and institutions, especially in times of crisis, in enabling resource-sharing, knowledge transfer, synergy, and increased support from all stakeholders – as illustrated by the We Are Dallas Arts initiative.

S2:E1 Knowing your audience: lessons from West Kowloon
Adrian Ellis speaks with Kingsley Jayasekera, former Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, at the West Kowloon Cultural District. They reflect on his near decade-long experience in Hong Kong and discuss the importance of cultivating arts audiences through creating holistic customer experiences.

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