Arizona Arts, University of Arizona


Arizona Arts is a unified gateway to the unique visual and performing arts assets, experiences, and educational programs at the University of Arizona.

Administrative Structure
This new division (created July 1, 2019) brings together the highly regarded academic units of College of Fine Arts—the Schools of Dance; Art; Music; and Theatre, Film and Television—with the University’s world-class visual and performing arts presenting/engagement units. These include the Center for Creative Photography, the UA Museum of Art, UA Presents, the Hanson FilmTV Institute, and Arizona Arts in Schools. This groundbreaking integration of academic and non-academic units provides a platform through which to elevate the arts and maximize their impact.

Vision (How do we know when we get there?)
In collaboration with partners across the university, throughout Arizona, and around the world, we tap the transformative power of the arts to promote positive change for individuals, communities, and society at large.

Our Sense of Place
Our distinctive location in the Sonoran Desert provides a rich context for rigorous engagement with the arts. Tucson’s confluence of cultures, its stunning topography, its vibrant arts communities, and its geographic position as a borderland coalesce to provide our students and faculty an unparalleled context for exploring issues of global resonance, offering us access to the ‘macro’ through the ‘micro’.


Mission (Where are we going?)
Arizona Arts will integrate the arts throughout the university experience and beyond in order to establish the university as an arts destination. In doing so, we will ensure that all students—regardless of major—have meaningful experiences in the arts, and that the arts play an essential role in realizing the university’s land-grant mission.

Reason for joining GCDN

The formalization of Arizona Arts at the University of Arizona has allowed for the creation of a new cultural district on campus which serves as a gateway to the less formal district in our downtown. The issues that are brought forward by GCDN members from their districts are similar to the issues we are dealing with in ours. As a University member, we will be able to share the work of a cultural district on a University campus and how it can strengthen the town/gown relationship in communities.


Andrew Schulz

Vice President for the Arts / Dean, College of Fine Arts

Chad Herzog

Executive Director, UA Presents


Arizona, USA


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