Exhibition Road Cultural Group


The Exhibition Road Cultural Group is a partnership of the leading cultural and educational institutions in South Kensington - the home of science, arts and inspiration in London.

Created from the legacy of the Great Exhibition of 1851, this is the world’s first planned cultural quarter. These organisations are united by not only a shared history and geography but also a mission: to promote learning and innovation in the arts and science for the purpose of changing the world.

Generating and sharing knowledge and inspiring the engineers, designers, scientists, musicians and artists of the future is still at the heart of what the area - known to some as Albertopolis- does today. Together our partner welcome over 20 million visitors a year, employ over 10,000 people and host over 20,000 higher education students.

The members of Exhibition Road Cultural Group work together to improve how it feels to visit, work, study and live in the area by enhancing the public space as an introduction to the creativity and innovation within the institutions; to describe and promote what the area has to offer; and to help each other promote innovation, inspiration and learning by addressing shared issues together and sparking new ideas.

Discovery is at the core of what happens here in South Kensington and Discover South Kensington is our public-facing profile.


To develop and promote South Kensington as a world-class centre of learning, innovation and inspiration in the arts and sciences.

Reason for joining GCDN

We love the opportunity to get to know people doing similar work in cities around the world. We have so much in common, but also really interesting differences. It’s great to have a dedicate forum to share ideas and experiences and always inspiring to hear what others are doing.


Emily Candler-6

Emily Candler

Executive Director

Sarah Berresford-1

Sarah Berresford

Marketing & Communications Manager


Created: 2016
Joined GCDN: 2018

District Size

Approx. 1km sq


London, UK


Retail, Festivals, Amenities, Office space, Opera, Ballet, University, Dance spaces, Amphitheatre, Multipurpose spaces, Rehearsal spaces, Restaurants, Residences, Museums, Concert halls, Public Spaces, Music Venues, Cinemas, Comedy and Live Music, Public Plazas, Bars, Art Galleries