JAX District


JAX District has led the transformation of an Industrial Heritage Site in Diriyah into a creative hub that acclaimed artists, prestigious galleries, leading media, creative agencies, and SAMOCA the first contemporary art museum in Saudi Arabia now call home.

JAX District provides shared spaces and a platform for the cultural community to contribute to the development of the creative ecosystem.

JAX's journey is a tale of transformation, identity and self-expression, rising from its industrial past into a beacon of optimism and unfettered creativity.

Here, artists, creative industries, dreamers, and visionaries find not just a location, but a home - a place where creativity isn't just nurtured; it's celebrated.

The district’s transformation aligns with the kingdom’s vision 2030, promoting cultural and inclusive exchanges within an easily accessible environment.
JAX District is a modern-day pioneer of the kingdom’s art and creative space, bringing creativity, art, and culture home to one iconic address.

Today, the community in Diriyah hosts some of Saudi Arabia’s most groundbreaking events, most notably the Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale, organized by the Diriyah Biennale Foundation, MDLBEAST XP Music Futures, Noor Riyadh, and Hia Hub, Saudi Arabia’s largest fashion and lifestyle conference.

The district supports these influential events, attracting international attention ,further cementing JAX District’s position as a global destination for art and creativity.


The mission of JAX District is to serve as a vibrant center of creativity and artistic innovation within the heart of Saudi Arabia. It aims to foster a supportive community where artists and creatives from across the globe can collaborate, create, and showcase their work. Aligned with Vision 2030, JAX is dedicated to promoting cultural dialogue and expanding the global reach of contemporary art. Hosting institutions like SAMOCA and premier events such as the Diriyah Biennial.

Reason for joining GCDN

Joining the Global Cultural Districts Network (GCDN) would elevate JAX District by fostering international collaboration, sharing best practices, and enhancing its global cultural impact. It aligns with JAX's commitment to innovation and community support, offering access to a network of cultural leaders. This partnership can inspire new programs, audience engagement, and sustainable practices, solidifying JAX's role as a dynamic hub for creative growth and global artistic exchange.




Joined GCDN: 2024


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia