JAX District


JAX is an industrial estate comprising of over 100 warehouses in the industrial zone of Ad-Diriyah in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The regeneration of JAX warehouses aims at transforming it to become the new center and destination for arts and culture in the Kingdom, with lineups of exhibition spaces, artist studios, art galleries, facilities and

The area will host a mix of art exhibitions, artists’ studios, media hubs, and other creative places to be activated all year long, engaging the creative community across the Kingdom to establish a space where they can communicate and exchange ideas and experiences.

JAX district aspires to host local and international institutions, businesses, programs and galleries to promote cultural exchange and help artists produce unique works to be showcased throughout the space.

The name JAX is kept in reference to the area that people have referred to over the years, as it was the logistics hub for Riyadh infrastructure projects.


Developing an arts and culture district to support existing arts organizations, cultural groups, and artists. As they thrive, connect, and grow, while promoting new cultural and economic activities and attracting visitors and businesses locally and internationally. The district will offer greater visibility for the arts that are produced locally.

Reason for joining GCDN

To position JAX globally as a Cultural Art district benchmark. To gain knowledge and past expriences from other districts. To expand the network and offer great visibility to the Saudi Art Scene and its future.



Nouf Al-Yemni

District Programing and Curation Director

Abdullah Ghurab

Program Director


Created: 2019
Joined GCDN: 2022