MOWAA Trust Ltd/Gte


The Edo Museum of West African Art (EMOWAA) is an independent non-profit organisation in Nigeria set up to provide facilities and execute high-value cultural, arts and heritage initiatives in West Africa. Our ambition is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem focused on heritage preservation and contemporary arts and culture. We will do this by providing infrastructure for collections, research and exhibitions, complemented by workspaces and career-building initiatives for contemporary creatives and academics.

EMOWAA will be a hub for contemporary creatives in Africa and equip a new generation of Africans to be leaders in heritage management. Our dedicated facilities and resources will be concentrated in an emerging Creative District, located in the historic quarters of Benin City. In alignment with the city’s broader regeneration plan, EMOWAA will create economic opportunities for creative professionals with a focus on skills, collaboration and links to real markets.

The Creative District will be launched by the EMOWAA Pavilion, the main collections, archive and research facility. The Pavilion will host state-of-the-art laboratories and serve as a regional centre of excellence for research, digital programming and heritage management in the heart of Benin City.


EMOWAA's ambition is to create a world-class museum, research and education centre, connecting West Africa’s ancient heritage to its thriving contemporary arts and culture.
Our intention is to provide the infrastructure platforms and expertise required to strengthen a regional ecosystem for arts, cultural and heritage management.

Reason for joining GCDN

EMOWAA is in the early stages of the design, implementation and programming of a new multidisciplinary creative neighbourhood in Nigeria. We anticipate the immense value that GCDN members, networks and resources could bring to our process as critical thought partners and potential collaborators. Beyond drawing on the experience and expertise in global practice. EMOWAA is well positioned to add new perspectives, experimentation and interrogations based on our Unique journey in Nigeria and Africa.


Ore Disu

Director, Pavilion

Kingsley Odigie

Director, Finance and Administration


Joined GCDN: 2023