Newark Museum of Art (NMOA)


Founded in 1909, The Newark Museum of Art (NMOA) is one of the most historic and influential museums in the United States with the 12th largest collection in the country.

NMOA’s holdings include the largest of Tibetan art in the Americas, the 1885 National Historic Landmark Ballantine House, a distinguished and critically acclaimed collection of American Art and one of the most comprehensive collections of African and Asian Art in the United States.

Dedicated to artistic excellence, education, and community engagement with an overarching goal to broaden, deepen, and diversify arts participation, the Museum welcomes over 375,000 people on-site, off-site, and online each year and is free to all Newark residents.

Recognizing the unique responsibility of museums to inspire change, NMOA is committed to embedding the principles of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI) in all aspects of its work and organizational culture. From its beginning, the Museum has been grounded in the belief that art and learning are for everyone. Today, as communities across the nation focus on addressing systemic racism and inequality, NMOA reaffirms its dedication to this inclusive vision that has informed its aspirations, if not all of its actions and policies, for over 100 years.

As one of the founding institutions of museum education, The Newark Museum of Art is one of the most celebrated museum educators in the country, offering students exemplary exhibitions and innovative school and public programs onsite, offsite, and online.

A signature, widely renown program for over twenty years, the teen Explorers Program is a primary example of providing a model for the field at large. At its core, the Explorers Program is a work-based, college-preparatory and mentoring initiative that serves Newark high school students who have an aptitude for science and humanities subjects. Providing three years of intensive guidance, training, and mentoring experiences, the program’s year-round format yields invaluable access and programs that work together to greatly expand a student’s academic and career options. A model initiative, the program’s proven track record includes 100% college acceptance for every intern for the last 12 years.


Mission: The Newark Museum of Art welcomes everyone with inclusive experiences that spark curiosity and foster community.

Reason for joining GCDN

As a key anchor partner working to revitalize Newark, the largest city in the state, The Newark Museum of Art looks forwarding to a dynamic exchange of ideas and initiatives with a network who shares our commitment to increasing the quality of life in urban centers.


Linda C. Harrison

Director - Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Kasindorf

Vice President External Affairs - Deputy Director Advancement


Created: 1909
Joined GCDN: 2021


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