Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage


The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage consists of the following four units and their activities:
- Heritage: Acquire, document, preserve and share IOC heritage
- Olympic Studies Centre: Curate, service and stimulate the best of Olympic knowledge
- The Olympic Museum: The essential storyteller to reveal the Olympic ideal: a destination and a content factory
- International Programmes: Develop deployment strategy, produce culture and education programmes worldwide, animate networks.


The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage acts as a leading international player in the promotion and dissemination of Olympism in the field of culture, heritage, education and knowledge.

Reason for joining GCDN

Develop partnerships, share research and knowledge with peers in culture, government and academia.
Be informed and share best practices and policies for cultural institutions/districts and contribute to a more liveable city, engaging with various communities.
In view of a new Festival we are about to launch on the Olympic Museum site in Lausanne, we wish to expand our network and foster potential new collaborations.



Angelita Teo


Yasmin Meichtry

Head of Heritage


Created: 1982
Joined GCDN: 2020


Lausanne, Vaud


Library, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Bars, Public Plazas, Cinemas, Public Spaces, Museums, Sculpture Park, Retail, Artist studios, Multipurpose spaces, Amphitheatre, Office space, Festivals