RIOS is an international design collective working beyond boundaries to inventively combine disciplines and amplify the impact of design. Within our practice, the built environment and landscape architecture are interconnected to harness the positive impacts of wellness and define design as a continuum.

RIOS was founded in 1985 as a multi-disciplinary design firm. Today the firm has offices in Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, and Boulder and over 250 people working around the world from locations across the US and internationally in London, China, and Korea. RIOS is a wholly-independent California Corporation.

Our practice is a sincere expression of our belief that design is a dynamic exercise influenced by a collection of people representing diverse perspectives. Our culture is expressive of our values, and we prioritize originality, joy, inclusivity, diversity, and an attuned vision for creative problem-solving.

While we operate across multiple time zones, we are intentional about why we come together to maintain the human connection while allowing space for culture to evolve. Our firm structure acknowledges that innovation is key to transformative design. We hold space for exploration outside of traditional project delivery with experts dedicated to uncovering the potential in prototyping, data analysis, horticultural expression, video, and experience design. There is broad understanding that our most important project is designing ourselves, refining our culture, and evolving our ways of understanding the world around us.

We are known for our bold solutions while looking at the wider context. In this way, we’re constantly redefining industry paradigms and gaining the trust of our clients to explore significant design challenges. We are ever mindful that an interdisciplinary approach to design brings about inclusive, resilient, and original solutions that ensure diversity and resilience. This perspective is particularly pertinent to the transformation of our cultural venues and broader understanding of the programming required to strengthen these institutions within their greater urban contexts.

Our services include Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture & Design, Urban Design, Planning, Experience Design, Wayfinding, and Product Design.


We believe design is never without story. It connects people to each other and the world around us. Together we work beyond boundaries to reveal, explore, and invent designs that amplify experiences. Nowhere is this more important than in regards to the public realm and cultural meeting grounds that are the foundation of our communities.

Reason for joining GCDN

RIOS has worked extensively with many of our regional cultural venues to provide design, placemaking, and master planning solutions that provide a framework for a welcoming and inclusive environment supporting an expanded audience, a built environment that can act as a canvas for new forms of art and performance responding to new technologies, and the means to plan for a resilient future. We are excited for the opportunity to join the conversation with the GCDN and members to share what we have


Naseema Asif

Senior Architect, Cultural and Civic Sector

Peter Emerson

Studio Director