The Long Center for the Performing Arts


The Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Center for the Performing Arts is an iconic cultural hub and community gathering place that is a reflection of the eclectic and creative soul of Austin.

Uniquely located facing Austin Texas’ downtown city skyline, it is the permanent home of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, Austin Opera, and Ballet Austin, and it also hosts local Central Texas-based artists and touring performing artists and organizations.

Built in 2008 and with a local history that spans many more generations, The Long Center is dedicated to elevating Austin’s creative sector as a catalyst for innovative experiences and creative discovery. Celebrating “15 Years Long” this year, the organization uplifts the artistic community and connects communities near and far every day.


MISSION: For Austinites of every background, the Long Center is the community gathering place that offers the most diverse programming and stunning views of the city, so that together, everyone can experience remarkable live arts and entertainment.

VISION: All Austinites deserve access to world class arts and cultural experiences.

Reason for joining GCDN

To connect with other cultural arts leadership for professional networking, resource sharing and think tank development. Joining GCDN will further help our teams as we continue to build relationships with the community, and promote events and programming that demonstrate that The Long Center is Austin’s number one cultural hub for everyone. We are evolving to expand our services to include support of the creative sector, managing multiple facilities and a deepened partnership with the City of Austin including the potential of creating a new cultural district. Led by women, with the support of one of the most involved, diverse, and youngest board of any major local non-profit in the area, we aim to learn from and be inspired by the best practices in our industry to help us further our mission and realize our vision.


Cory Baker

President and CEO


Joined GCDN: 2023


Austin, TX, United States