The Masswascut Collaborative


The Masswascut Collaborative is an equitable economic development initiative to instigate relationships between Downcity Providence and other City of Providence neighborhoods through the establishment of cultural tourism infrastructure and international relationships in preparation for the City’s 400th commemoration in 2036.

“Masswascut” is an Algonquian term which translates in English to “the land between the two rivers” describing the traditional landscape of the area between the Woonasquatucket and Mosshassuck rivers which has come to be known as Providence, Rhode Island. Traditionally, riverways were primary means for transportation of goods and services for American Indians inhabiting Rhode Island, and historically European settlers developed communities in a similar fashion, utilizing local riverways as key modes of trade and commerce regionally. Accordingly, the Masswascut Collaborative constitutes an acknowledgement and honoring of the enduring economic ingenuity and impact of Providence’s aboriginal populations.

Founded in the philosophy of social cohesion the Masswascut Collaborative is a partnership of representatives from the academic, community development, cultural development, educational, public and private development sectors who have agreed to coordinate their individual efforts to advance a collective agenda of transforming Providence into an international cultural tourism destination.

Through consistent and coordinated presentation and promotion of cultural and historic programming and events, development of economic development initiatives and relationships, and curation of unique place-based cultural tourism experiences marketed and promoted internationally through membership in the Global Cultural Districts Network, the Masswascut Collaborative will serve as a testament to Providence’s cultural history, heritage, and diversity that attracts interest from the international cultural tourism sector, supports supplementary commercial sectors, and celebrates local cultural communities as a thriving part of the vibrant fabric of Providence’s contemporary living culture.

Masswascut Collaborative Partners:

Providence Cultural Equity Initiative -
1696 Heritage Group -
25 Bough -
Mount Hope Community Center -
Providence Foundation -
Wutche Wame Living Culture Collaborative at Roger Williams University -


To establish cultural tourism infrastructure and international relationships in preparation for the City of Providence's 400th commemoration in 2036.

Reason for joining GCDN

To raise the international profile of Providence, Rhode Island; to establish international relationships to support Providence's 400th commemoration in 2036; to be better informed about international best practices for cultural tourism and development of cultural districts; and to share individual and collective experiences with interested members of the GCDN.


Raymond Two Hawks Watson


Donald W. King

Chief Creative Officer


Created: 2020
Joined GCDN: 2021

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Rhode Island, United States


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