Chantal Prod’Hom

Chantal Prod’Hom
07/19/2017 jessica

Chantal Prod’Hom

Director, Musée de Design et Arts Appliqués Contemporains
Board Chair, PLATEFORME 10
Lausanne, Switzerland

Chantal Prod’Hom was born in Lausanne, June 15, 1957. She was educated in this province and became an art historian, a graduate of Lausanne University. Then, she got a postgraduate diploma in museology from New York University.

After being appointed as Curator at the Museum of fine art in Lausanne, she was in charge of the first contemporary museum from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the Edelman Museum in Pully.

Further, Chantal Prod’Hom worked as Executive Director of a communication and visual art’s research center called Fabrica located in the area of Treviso. This place of creation without equal was founded by Luciano Benetton in collaboration with his photographer, Oliviero Toscani.

Since 2000 until today, and as a planner of several art and design exhibitions, Chantal serves as Director of mudac in Lausanne. Nowadays, she also presides the Board of Directors of PLATEFORME 10, and with her knowledge and long experience in museology, she is ensuring the successful development of great architectural and artistic project.