Welcoming a new member: Newark Museum of Art

May 2021

GCDN is delighted to present the newest member to join our network: Newark Museum of Art (NMOA)

Founded in 1909, The Newark Museum of Art (NMOA) is one of the most historic and influential museums in the United States with the 12th largest collection in the country. Dedicated to artistic excellence, education, and community engagement with an overarching goal to broaden, deepen, and diversify arts participation, the Museum welcomes over 375,000 people on-site, off-site, and online each year and is free to all Newark residents.

As a key anchor partner working to revitalize Newark, the largest city in the state, The Newark Museum of Art decided to join GCDN to participate in a dynamic exchange of ideas and initiatives with a network who shares their commitment to increasing the quality of life in urban centers.