Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism


The Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) conserves and promotes the heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi emirate and leverages them in the development of a world-class, sustainable destination of distinction, which enriches the lives of visitors and residents alike.

The organisation manages the emirate's tourism sector and markets the destination internationally through a wide range of activities aimed at attracting visitors and investment. Its policies, plans and programs relate to the preservation of heritage and culture, including protecting archaeological and historical sites and too developing museums, including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum, and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

DCT – Abu Dhabi supports intellectual and artistic activities and cultural events to nurture a rich cultural environment and honor the emirate's heritage. A key role is to create synergy in the destination's development through close co-ordination with its wide-ranging stakeholder base.


The Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) aims to preserve and promote Abu Dhabi's distinctive heritage and culture. It does this through an extensive set of activities that regulate, support, develop and promote Abu Dhabi's culture and tourism.

Reason for joining GCDN

With our affiliation with GCDN, DCT aims at engaging with its international members, increase institutional cooperation and capacity building in cultural policies, and share success stories, case studies and lessons learned through GCDN's platform.