Alserkal Avenue, Dubai


Alserkal Avenue is a 500,000 ft² cultural destination located in the Al Quoz industrial area of Dubai. The district was founded in 2007 by Abdelmonem Alserkal as a haven for creativity with a mission to champion the creative community in the UAE. The area promotes regional artists, houses international exhibits, hosts festivals, and offers an everyday opportunity for the community to engage in Dubai’s burgeoning contemporary art scene. With galleries, concert halls, co-working spaces, restaurants, and an 11,000 ft² outdoor public area, Alserkal Avenue has quickly become the region’s foremost arts hub.

Affirming its position as the leading regional arts organization, Alserkal Avenue Programming was launched in 2015. Alserkal Programming is comprised of commissions, talks, and screenings by regional artists who have been tapped as future leaders of the UAE arts community. Each year, Alserkal Programming explores a different topic, inspiring new viewpoints, open dialogue, and thoughtful questions. The programming initiative is part of Alserkal Avenue’s vision to showcase the existing creative community while simultaneously producing creative content.
Within this vision is Folio, an online outlet produced by Alserkal Avenue containing essays, podcasts, and videos about the MENASA art community. Content ranging from innovative concepts in the region to artist commissions make Folio a nexus of creative news regarding the Alserkal Avenue community and beyond.

In 2012, over 1,000 applications were submitted for an expansion of 50 new spaces in the Alserkal Avenue community. Originally housed in 20 architecturally designed warehouses, the demand from the growing creative community has sparked continuous interest and growth. Alserkal Avenue’s most recent project, Concrete, which opened in 2017, is a 13,500 ft² warehouse that has been transformed into a multi-use venue for performances, fashion shows, public events, and lectures. Keeping with Alserkal Avenue’s mission, the interior design and engineering were all completed by Dubai-based companies, and in turn, Concrete has become a focal point for discussion on design and architecture in the area.


To promote the burgeoning regional arts community and serve as the premier cultural destination in Dubai.


Vilma Jurkute


District Size

500,000 ft²


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Restaurants, Art Galleries, Public Spaces, Concert halls, Co-working spaces

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