Fondation Fiminco


Created in 2017 and inaugurated in October 2019, the Fondation Fiminco has invested an exceptional industrial area in the outskirts of Paris. Known as the historic cradle of French pharmacy, the site has been completely restructured while carefully preserving its century-old-history and its distinctive brick architecture. The first part of the project covers today 11,000 m2 in five separate buildings, including a monumental 14-meter-high boiler room that has been transformed into an exhibition space. This unique site brings together the international artists’ residency of Fondation Fiminco, exhibition spaces, art galleries, printing laboratories, advanced visual arts production workshops, a film production company, a book design and publishing house, the American Parsons School of Design and the contemporary art collection of the region.

The second part of the project includes a 35,000 m2 extension that is currently in the process of renovation and construction. Until the end of 2024, one of the largest cultural districts in Europe is sought to be realized. On 46,000 m2 in total, an emblematic 600-seats concert hall, several rehearsal and dance studios, a storage space for art works and a residency building with 150 studios will complete the site. In the upcoming months, numerous partners from the contemporary and performing art scene will join the cultural district. Musicians, artists, dancers, actors, students, and residents will meet here, constantly nourished by the multiplicity of disciplines, the search for excellence and the will to transmit. Thus, building an inspiring ecosystem that not only shares a common address but also the desire to create synergies. Faithful to the original ambition of the Fondation Fiminco, the cultural district will remain open to the surrounding area, open to artists and audiences and open to the world.

The international artists’ residency is at the heart of the project: The aim is not to build and show a collection but to support the artists throughout their research and creation processes and to accompany their professional and artistic development. The residents benefit from a wide range of production workshops, i.e. silkscreen, engraving, ceramics, 3D-printing, video, graphic and photography studios, which are continually developed and extended. The artists are accompanied by the foundation’s team, including artistical and technical assistance. Furthermore, the foundation organizes regular public events and a curated group show at the end of the residency.

Each year, nearly 600 children pass through the doors of the foundation and participate in a diverse range of activities. The foundation has developed partnerships with cultural institutions, local authorities, schools, and associations. Frequently, the artists in residence are involved in the mediation activities. The Fondation Fiminco also hosts the so-called Micro-Folie, a mobile digital museum including an interactive Fab Lab.


1) Supporting and accompanying contemporary artists in their creative process
Every year, the Fondation Fiminco launches a call for applications for international visual artists of all disciplines to take part in an eleven-month research, creation, and production residency program.

2) Providing cultural access for all audiences and connecting with the local community
The Fondation Fiminco has implemented numerous event and workshop formats an offers a diverse range of pedagocial activities.

Reason for joining GCDN

By joining the Global Cultural District Network (GCDN), we aim at fostering and expanding our collaboration with international partners and cultural hubs. We strongly believe that our values and ambitions resonate a lot with those of the members of GCDN. Sharing our experience, knowledge and best practice with those of other organizations that are facing similar questions holds great potential in light of our process of development.


Gérald Azancot

President of Groupe Fiminco and of Fondation Fiminco

Katharina Scriba

Director of Fondation Fiminco


Created: 2017
Joined GCDN: 2022

District Size

46,000 m2




Restaurants, University, Multipurpose spaces, Rehearsal spaces, Artist studios, Residences, Art Galleries